Danielle Clement

Why do you enjoy being an agent? 

I have always loved the meaning and purpose of Home.
To have the incredible opportunity of serving a critical role in the process for our clients is truly an honor.
Whether it’s creating the market through pricing and marketing strategies for my Sellers, handling a complex negotiation for my Buyers or creating long term wealth opportunities for my Investors, Real Estate continues to be a life long passion that allows me to be extremely purposeful with my knowledge, experience and talent.

What can you tell us about you?

The heart of my life are the 2 incredible children I’ve been blessed to love, mentor and raise. Jameson 12 and Lauren 10, are the reason for my example of living life big and boldly. I love to spend time hiking with my dog Emmitt, Cooking with my kids, Wake Surfing is a new favorite, and working on my collection of Wine and Real Estate! My list of places to travel and experience has grown lengthy and I’m looking forward to a time when we can return to our adventures. Podcasts, reading and growing businesses focused on impact and positive community improvement are what keep me energized and focused on our growth!

What sets you and your business apart from other agents?

As a life long Realtor, a 21 year career thus far, I have had the unique gift of being immersed inside of this world through every market. A crash, a Buyers market, a Sellers market, a pandemic… you name it. I’ve had the privilege of serving clients with unique and challenging needs, selling legacy family estate properties, historic, lake front and luxury markets, first time home buyers and investors.
Understanding the 360 degrees of Real Estate allows me to share a great deal of perspective, advise and strategize effectively for my clients regardless of their needs.
Leading and mentoring a team of exceptional professional agents holds me to raising my bar higher every day.
I have always approached my work with deep rooted gratitude.
It is a privilege to do work that you love, that affects positive change, and that leaves a legacy for years to come.

Real Estate Salesperson License # : 10401305323