Kelsey Delmotte

Why do you enjoy being an agent? 

When I became a Realtor, everything clicked. I came to it from a career in project management, so I genuinely enjoy the transaction side of real estate – give me a checklist and a deadline and I’m in heaven. Aside from that, I love architecture and touring homes, but more importantly I love helping people see the possibility in the homes we visit together. When I get to make the ‘you got the house!’ phone call, it reaffirms why I do this. There is joy in every day, and I could not imagine doing anything else.

What can you tell us about you?

I live in Brighton with my husband Eric, our daughter and our rescue pup. I am an entrepreneur at heart, and this year my husband and I launched FLWRCTYBILLS, a local apparel company that combines our two great loves: the city of Rochester and the Buffalo Bills! I love hiking, natural wine, live music, typography and perfecting my polenta recipe (almost there).

What sets you and your business apart from other agents?

Your needs and wants are my needs and wants. It is so important to have someone in your corner during the homebuying process, and I pride myself on being a tireless advocate for my clients. I believe it is a privilege to help guide people during a pivotal point in their lives. Buying a home is not just buying a physical property, it’s the desire to create a space where you can grow. It is paint colors and swing sets and family dinners and drinks with friends. I hear people say ‘I’m sorry I have so many questions,’ and I always remind them that this is a moment in your life when it’s good to ask them all! You don’t buy a home every day, so it’s reasonable that you don’t have a whole host of real estate professionals and partners at the ready. That’s why you have a Realtor you can trust, and I am proud to be that person for my clients.

Real Estate Salesperson License # : 10301220967